shuma house

6 Bedroom - Beach Access - Turtle Bay

Facilities & Amenities
  • Chef
  • Beach eEarby
  • Backup Power
  • Wi-Fi
  • Swimming Pool
  • Satellite TV

Shuma House is a lovely very open, natural, spread out house. It is a thatched roof house and has all been built with organic and sustainable materials and situated within a coast indigenous forest making it a true place of beauty and tranquillity, with easy direct private access to the main Watamu beach.

All the rooms and living space are very open giving you the feeling of being with one in nature. The rooms are very simple though naturally luxurious and comfortable. They all are en suite, with a stand up fan, and each has a safe. The large windows and doorways are framed with funky wood pieces, and the floors and walls are made out of natural carpeting material called ‘mkeka’. This allows for breeze to travel through.

There is an amazing large swimming pool, with longs of lounging/sunbathing space, right next to the main hangout/relaxing area, which has a couple different areas to relax and chill. The property includes wireless internet for an additional charge.

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