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Sandarusi House is situated about 20 km south of Mombasa, on Tiwi beach, high above the Indian Ocean on an old coral bed with great vistas and a cool sea breeze.

The house characteristics are coastal Arab with 6 large en suite airy rooms, each with an individual and unique charm/ identity. The large rooms, open verandahs, garden, pool among the Baobabs and Tiwi Beach are favorable to visitors of all ages. The pool and the exposed reefs and their rock pools, as well as the safe and secure cool environment of Sandarusi make it a haven for children.

Fresh sea fish, prawns, and other shellfish are brought to the door by the local fishers, as is a great selection of seasonal coastal fruit and vegetables by the farm traders. Sandarusi is the perfect place to totally unwind, with long beaches for walks, and clear warm water to swim in. It’s a home from home – why not make it yours?

About Us

Family home
Sandarusi is a family coastal home; Archdeacon Walter Low and his wife Nell bought the original house and land in the 1940s, it was just a simple coastal home where their children and grandchildren could spend holidays together. It was transformed from an old mud and wattle house to this beautiful Arab creation in 1997. The house has been loved and adored by three generations of the Low family.

The House Team
The house is run by a small team of four.

~SANDARUSI HOUSE~                   2014

A) Rates for self catered stay

At Sandarusi House we offer: a chef, houseboy, gardener, and night watchman to care for your daily needs.  Fishermen come to the door with prawns, crab, lobster, and all types of sea-fish.  Vegetables can be purchased from the door or nearby shops.

Residents (excluding Xmas and August)

• 1-4 people                                                                           17,600ksh per night

•  Per head over and above this                                              4,400ksh per night

•  Children under 12 years                                                      3,200ksh per night

•  Dec 15th-Jan 15th (Full house whether 2 or 12 people)     53,000ksh per night

•  Aug 1st-30th      (Full house whether 2 or 12 people)        42,500ksh per night

Non- Residents (excluding Xmas and August)

• 1-4 people                                                                           £280 per night

• Per head over and above this                                              £70P pax per night

• Children under 12 years                                                      £46 P Pax per night

• Dec 15th-Jan 15th ( full house whether 2 or 12 people)     £503  per night

• Aug 1st-Aug 30th   (full house whether 2 or 12 people)     £674per night

B) Rates for a fully catered stay

This includes food, wine and beer.  Not inclusive of spirits, champagne, cigars.

Non –residents

• 1-4 people minimum charge                                                       £440 per night

• Per head over and above this                                                    £110 per night

• Children under 12 years                                                            £89 per night

• Hostess                                                                                     £130 per day

The hostess will be able to arrange various activities for you around the south coast area.  They will also do all the purchasing, and catering for your visit.

Shuttle from Mombasa International Airport to Tiwi beach £49 per head.


50% on confirmation of booking

Non refundable 60 days prior to visit

Full payment 4 weeks prior to visit .


The house is fully equipped with  hot water, electric/gas cooker, refrigerators, freezer and a safe for smaller items or valuables.  The house has Group 4 Security, and a fully employed guard. 

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