mzuri beach house diani

Mzuri Beach House Diani

Facilities & Amenities
  • Take a "Ngalawa" - a traditional - outrigger double -canoe of the Swahili people
  • Take a trip on a glass boat for snorkeling
  • Watch the dhows sail slowly by
  • Ride a camel or watch it loping along the beach
  • Jet-skiing / Kite-surfing / Wind Surfing /
  • Scuba diving
  • Yoga on the beach with no hustling from the Beach boys
  • Walk for miles on the beach and swim in the clear, warm water all day.

MZURI BEACH HOUSE is a prestigious, lush and luxurious Diani based self-catering holiday rental accommodation in Diani/Galu Beach Kenya just a few steps from the beach front gazing at the white sandy beach overlooking the beautiful lagoon. The three-storey structure of MZURI BEACH HOUSE offers breathtaking views over the stunning Indian Ocean met with a luxurious feel of a melting pot of the Swahili culture.

The rooms in MZURI BEACH HOUSE are spacious and well equipped leading onto two Balconies, the first block being supported by a Pergola. The lighting is supreme, LED lights support the entire house breathing in intimacy and glowing in warmth.

The four bedrooms, which offer a glimpse of contemporary architectural qualities and a blend of the Kenyan Coast and the Arab world, are furnished with stylish Swahili furniture. The MZURI BEACH HOUSE rooms are lit up with plenty of sunlight and also allow a cool fresh breeze highlighted by the dance of the palm trees surrounding the area. Mind you, all rooms are en suite, with a shower of course, allowing you the privacy you might dare to command.

The dining room and living room are spacious, allowing easy movements all around the house. A bar at the living room, all part of the architectural bliss that MZURI BEACH HOUSE is famous for, an in house fountain, an amazing rooftop is why the house owns it’s name Mzuri which means good/beautiful in Swahili.

Though it is self-catering, you will meet our charming chef who will prepare for you irresistible meals if you so choose and our adorable housekeeper who will ensure that your holiday is mess free

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