the villa luxury suite hotel

The Villa Luxury Suite Hotel

Facilities & Amenities
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar Lounge
  • Wi-Fi
  • Airport Transfers
  • Beach activities
  • Explore Chale Island
  • Explore Wasini Island
  • Mombasa day tour
  • Explore Shimba Hills Reserve

Diani Beach is an award-winning destination offering 25 km of an untouched sandy shoreline. The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel is only 15 minutes away from the sun-kissed shoreline.

Start your day with a relaxing walk on the beach and spend the rest of it exploring the Indian Ocean’s aquatic wealth. In the evening, sample the destination’s vibrant nightlife.

The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel has a variety of accommodation options to suit the needs of individual travellers, families and groups of friends. The rooms have modern furnishings and amenities fused with the distinctive Swahili architectural style.

If you prefer a quiet holiday, with occassional beach walks, the Villa Luxury Suites Hotel is perfect. It has recreational facilities like a swimming pool a private pool in the family suite.

Your honeymoon or romantic holiday needs a comfortable suite like the executive suite. This spacious suite has an outdoor bathtub.

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