the dhow house
Facilities & Amenities
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Gardens, Treehouse & Pool
  • Events & Music entertainment
  • Outdoor Boutique Shop
  • Great Cuisines

The Dhow House - A Friendly, homey and converted from an old house built in the seventies, designer Ken haji has given The Dhow house the Mawimbi Designs twist creating a truly magnificent and unique space different to any other Restaurant, Bar or Hotel in Mombasa. The magnificent gardens and lawn with mature trees also help set the mood ofthe overall experience at the Dhow House. Apart from all this The Dhow House can be very vibrant and lively with something to look forward to almost every evening such as live music, Karaoke, Oysters and Champagne and other special offers. Our friendly fun and reputation, attention to detail, ambience and creative design have become some of our best known trademarks.

Ensuite Cottage: With open plan design and fully furnished with original Dhow wood furniture and decor, this two bedroom self-catering house has a very natural, relaxing and coastal feel. The kitchen is newly finished and well equipped with granite work tops. The veranda leads out onto a lush and tropical private garden of your own. You will really enjoy the comfort and calm of this private sanctuary. Amenities and services are included

Luxury Cottage: This very cosy and spacious self-catering one bedroom cottage is situated amongst the garden palms and in close proximity to the pool, giving it a distinct tropical ocean feel. With newly fitted granite work tops and kitchen equipment it allows you to enjoy practicing your culinary skills and then feasting on the unique coconut kitchen bar counter. The whole cottage is fully furnished with coconut wood furniture Dhow House style including the unique double bed with its en-suite bathroom. It’s a great place chill and enjoy being at the coast.

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