why work with a licensed tour operator

Why it is important to work with a licensed Tour Operator

What are the advantages, benefits, and responsibilities of using a tour Operator Company?

A “Tour Operator” is a company that makes comprehensive travel, accommodation, and other arrangements on behalf of third parties, and these are often sold as a “package”.

What are the advantages of using a tour operator?
Tour operators have the primary role of providing the necessary travel information to intending tourists seeking to know more about their proposed visit. This requires that tour operators be knowledgeable with up-to-date and concrete information relating to the destination. It is the responsibility of tour operators to actualize this dream by assisting potential tourists to package the offers by preparing different itineraries. A tour operator in this way assists potential tourists to choose the most preferred and convenient options.

Once contact has been made and an inquiry lodged, there is the task of planning and costing the proposed tour both for inclusive programs and to meet individual requirements. In order to boost repeat visits, it is often necessary to re-examine the product variety and refresh the same from time to time…

The following are the key advantages one can get when engaging the services of a Tour Operator:
1. Destination knowledge
Tour Operators often have extensive knowledge of the destination, having repeatedly put together similar tours. For this reason, they already know what to expect from (past tours) and can substantially help to improve your overall holiday experience.

2. Safety
Different parts of the country offer different challenges and your Tour Operator is able to effectively guide you through your holiday. Tour Operators by virtue of their product knowledge are able to provide an environment of safety for visitors.

3. Convenience
Holidays usually have several different components that require precision timing e.g. local air connections. The Tour Operators can provide seamless connections from one location to the other. This greatly minimizes any inconvenience. Should local conditions change, your Tour Operator is able to quickly make alternative arrangements based on their knowledge of the country.

4. Assurance
Should the arrangements made by a Tour Operator fall short of what was agreed upon, one is able to seek redress by way of a refund. This option is not available for “DIY” holidays.

5. Emergency Assistance
In the unlikely event that an emergency arises, visitors traveling with a Tour Operator have someone on hand to take care of all the details. For those on a diy holiday, one would pretty much be on their own. The net effect of all the above is to ensure that travelers get value for money in their engagement.

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