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Top Africa Safaris LTD is a tour operator company whose PRIME AIM is to offer tour operator services in the whole of East Africa by taking you to the region’s prolific wildlife ensuring that they live the way the nature indented. We arrange safaris for people with a passion for wildlife, cultural heritage, adventure and exploration. If these are your dreams we can turn them into reality 100%.

The information contained in Top Africa Safaris LTD website and any other material like our booklets is for the purpose of communicating prices and availability, it should therefore not be regarded as an offer in any case, purely as an invitation to treat. The prices shown on this website are valid at the time of input, however we reserve the right to change our prices or other details at any time and without any notice. However, once a holiday has been paid in FULL we will guarantee the price, unless it is subsequently affected by Government action or other influences beyond the control of Top Africa Safaris LTD. Prices may go up. Our sales consultants will confirm the correct price or advice of any amendments before the booking is confirmed.

Whilst we constantly strive to achieve the highest standard of accuracy, we cannot be held responsible for any of the content contained within this website. We do strongly advise you to check all details relating to your holiday accommodation or safari arrangements at the time of booking.

Price Validity

Our prices are valid for the whole year. We therefore encourage clients who want fewer crowds to take this advantage. April to June is less popular times for experiencing a Kenya safari as this is the rainy season and flooding often occurs. However, it is usually possible to get around easily during this time and the rains do not hinder visibility. All our prices are written at the bottom of every itinerary.

Special Offers

Occasionally we have very good special offers running and we would be pleased to share with our clients, please do not hesitate to ask for them although our prices are meant to be absolute final.

Last Minute Offers

Last minute offers are for those who would not mind to get accommodation in a particular lodges or camps and therefore they are only for any booking made within 7 days from the day of safari confirmation to the day of check in and in all cases it depends on availability. Such a booking is risking and so we leave it to the client (s) to decide but we would advise accordingly. Such bookings are cheaper as compared to pre booked ones.

Pre Booked Safaris / Services

These are the services that are booked in advance according to the client (s) discretion and we 100% guarantee the lodges/camps of their selection as long as they are available at the time of the safari confirmation. In the event when they are not available we would HONESTLY choose others of the same standard and accordingly in advice.

How to Book / Reserve Service

Once you make a decision on which safari/service you want from us you are supposed to send us an email telling us what you would like us to organize for you. All our safaris have codes and are numbered, you would tell us which one you want as per the code and the number and from that point you would be invoiced accordingly. Top Africa Safaris will only accept US cash dollar notes of the year 2000 and above. We will not accept old notes (USD series 1999 and older) and neither will the banks. For further information, please go through our : TRAVEL TIPS.

Work with Top Africa Safaris

We create fully personalised trips from start to finish, working with you to pick locations, accommodation and guides that suit you.

24 hours turn around time that guarantees quick quotations and their respective itineraries

Value for money! We got a good rapport with service providers thus ensuring competetive pricing for all our products.