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Terms and Conditions

Top Africa Safaris Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all Operators and Clients of Top Africa Safaris LTD (collectively known as “the Companies”) and together called “the Parties”. Any Operator arranging services with the Companies on behalf of its client does so as that client’s agent and agrees to pass on these terms and conditions to its client and to ensure its client is bound by them. It is a requirement of using the services offered by the Companies that these terms and conditions are accepted in full and the Parties accept that by making a booking with the Companies these terms and conditions are accepted in full. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. It is hereby recorded that the Parties wish to enter into this Agreement in terms of which the Companies will provide services and tours and arrange tailor-made packages for the Operator and or Clients, in consideration for which the Companies will be entitled to the payments and other charges referred to below. This Agreement supersedes and replaces any previous agreement between the Operator and or the Client and the Companies relating to the subject matter hereof. Once a booking is confirmed by the Operator and or the Client, this Agreement will be deemed for all purposes in law to have been signed by the Parties and will constitute a legally binding agreement between the Parties.

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