how to book an holiday with top africa safaris

How to book holiday with Top Africa Safaris

Enjoy Top Service

Normally what happens is that we respond to requests send to us within 24 hours detailing what further clarification that may be required so as to service you better and then send the itinerary based on day to day activities from day one to the end of our service provision including the price.

Once agreed to our offer we would send an invoice and give 7 days’ period where the booking is provisionally confirmed as we wait for the payment to be received and once received we acknowledge the payment reception in order and the booking becomes confirmed.

We are very broad in our services rendering as we recognize various preferences and so it is highly emphasized any individual request sent, the interest of each esteem client is highly valued and considered.

In case there is any need to get in touch with us several times, please do not hesitate to do so since we highly value all our prospect clients and you would experience a personalized services always.

Looking very much to doing business with you based on win to all.

Work with Top Africa Safaris

We create fully personalised trips from start to finish, working with you to pick locations, accommodation and guides that suit you.

24 hours turn around time that guarantees quick quotations and their respective itineraries

Value for money! We got a good rapport with service providers thus ensuring competetive pricing for all our products.