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Big Game Fishing Charters

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Kenya Sport Fishing- Big Game Fishing In Diani
Are you ready for big game fishing in Diani Beach, Kenya? Kenya Sport Fishing – Shuwari is based in Diani Beach, where there is a wide variety of accommodations, from 5 star boutique hotels, sea front villas, self-catering cottages, all-inclusive hotels and value accommodation available.

Our aim is to provide the clients a fun day out on the Indian Ocean that will leave them with good memories of the trip.

Other facilities available in the Alliance Safari Beach resort and Diani include restaurants, spas, shopping, sky diving, scuba diving, wind surfing, kite surfing and trips to the nearby Shimba Hills National Game Reserve or Kisite Marine National Park can be organized.



Meet the Shuwari Team

Meet the Shuwari Sport Fishing Crew. Our crew have a combined experience of over 30 years, and have experience fishing all long the Kenya coast from Lamu in the North to Shimoni in the Pemba Channel to the extreme South. They also have extensive experience fishing in the water off Tanzania and Zanzibar.

We pride ourselves in having a team that is passionate about sustainable sportfishing and engages actively in conservation both on the water and onshore. Our policy is to tag and release all billfish, and other designated endangered species such as Giant Trevally



Half Day Fishing Trip

On the half day fishing trip we depart the mooring in Diani at 06:30 and there is a safety briefing on board by the crew before leaving the ‘mlango’ (Kiswahili for door) which is the passage to the open sea. Depending on the target species, the Captain will first look for schools of bait so as to have the best opportunity to hook a large fish as fresh bait is better than frozen bait. The boat will them motor out to the fishing grounds for between 15 minutes and 45 minutes then the lines are set by the crew and the fishing begins in earnest.

When a fish comes in to the bait spread depending on your level of skill the crew will hook the fish for you or you can try your hand at hooking the fish and fighting it to the boat. Once at the boat, billfish are tagged, and once they are settled down and in the process of ensuring that they will survive is ongoing, then there is an opportunity to have a photo with the fish. The fish is then released, and the sequence is repeated.

Coffee or tea will be served shortly after leaving the beach and when the fishing proper starts, along with local delicacies. Traditional sandwiches are also available, as is water and soft drinks. Return to the mooring is usually 6,5 hours after departure, and again very dependent on the tide.



Night Fishing Trip

The night fishing trip entails leaving the mooring at 16:00 and motoring out to the night fishing grounds which are usually further out to sea as the Broadbill Swordfish like deep water. Arrival in the designated area is just before sunset and the luminous lures baited with squid and with a chemical light stick attached are prepared and set out. One is lowered on the down rigger, and one each on the out riggers. And the slow trolling will continue through the night.

Night where there is no moon are usually better as when there is any light the Broadbill do not come to the surface to feed. Any fish caught will be tagged and then a photo opportunity will be given, depending on how the fish is behaving. A hot dinner will be served, and plenty of hot coffee and tea will be available to keep the night chill at bay. Come sunrise, there may be an opportunity to try for the very early bite that often happens depending on where you are fishing after which the boat will head for home, arriving back by 10:00. A light breakfast will be offered prior to beginning the journey home.



Fullday Fishing Trip

The procedure for the full day fishing trip is the same as with the half day trip however, on this trip one can target Marlin better as there is more time available to get right out in to the middle of the Pemba channel. Departure for full day is 06:30. It is also possible to try daytime Broadbill Swordfish fishing which entails keeping the boat relatively stationary and dropping a bait with hooks in it down to depth of 500m. This method has proved to be quite successful along the Kenya Coast.

On this trip, a full sandwich lunch is provided, and should you be fortunate enough to catch a small fish in the morning session, then the crew will prepare a hot lunch on board. Return to the mooring is around 16:30 and time for a cool drink at the bar to reflect on the day’s events.



Day & Night Fishing Trip

This Day Night fishing trip is actually two full daylight fishing trips combined with a night of slow trolling for Broadbill Swordfish. It is meant for those real hardcore enthusiasts who may be looking to get a Grand Slam (3 bill fish species in one trip) Super Grand Slam (4 billfish species in one trip) or a Fantasy Slam (5 billfish species in one trip). It is interesting to note that Kenya has the distinction of having the most number of Fantasy Slams in the world!

Departure is at 06:30 on Day 1 and return is at 16:30 on Day 2. All meals will be served on board as with the other trips, and there is a toilet and shower facilities on board for those who may want to freshen up



Sea Mountain Fishing Trip

The Sea Mountain fishing trip is probably the most exciting, but is offered on condition that a second boat will accompany Shuwari. The reason is that the Sea Mountain is 80km off shore, and from a safety point, in the event of an emergency, it is safer to have another boat in the vicinity.

Departure is 05:30 on Day 1 and we motor out for around 1.5 hours then start to fish when we are about 25km from the Sea Mountain. The only fish that will be kept on this day are those that will be used for the meals on board. All other fish will be released. It is very common to get a late afternoon bite from Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna. All those on day 1 will be released. The night fishing will be slow trolling for Broadbill Swordfish.

In the early morning, with the early morning bite, it is exciting to have continuous multiple strikes of tuna, and then trying to live bait for marlin that are often amongst the schools of tuna.

At around 11:00 the trip home begins slowly fishing back towards the ‘malango’ and then a fast run the final 10km home. This is by far the most exciting trip, as the quantities and size of fish encountered is larger than is found closer in to shore. Because the Sea Mountain is in the open sea, we choose to go there when it is relatively calm. The best times to go are November/December and late March.

Equipped With
- 33ft (11m) Bertram Sportfisher powered by two Caterpillar engines.
- Marine toilet
- Galley
- Sleeping berths for four persons
- Furuno Radar/ Depth sounder
- Raymarine CS125 GPS
- Plenty of shaded area to keep you out of the sun.
- Fully inspected and licensed by the Kenya Maritime Authority
- Fully insured with a reputable insurer.

Tour Inclusions and Exclusions

Tour Inclusions

  • All entries as per the itinerary
  • Professional guide in Fort Jesus and other areas
  • Transport as per itinerary in a top up roof tourist fully converted van
  • All our transport has insurance.

Tour Exclusions

  • Drinks
  • Gratuities for the service
  • Yellow fever vaccination
  • Visa
  • Things of Personal Nature

Easter & Christmas Surcharges
A surcharge would be charged per person per night on Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Easter Monday and on 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st December and 1st January.

NB: For clarity, supplement to be confirmed at the time of booking

For optimal enjoyment of your safari, we urge you to carry the following:
All weather firm shoe pair, short and dress to use during the day, trouser for use in the evenings with long sleeved shirt, sweater or jacket, hat, swimming costume, sunglass, camera, binocular, sun protection cream and insect repellent spray or cream.

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