Nyungwe National Park | Background Info

Nyungwe national park is situated in the southwest part of Albertine Rift. The park started as a forest reserve since early in 1933 boasting over 240 species of trees with most of the birds and biodiversity originated from Congo and parts of East Africa. One of the main Reasons why Nyungwe Forest is Famous is because the park is the only park in East Africa where the canopy walk takes place. Enjoy the great views of the Forest as you see the monkeys on trees, bird species, tree species and many more. One needs to be physically fit in order to hike through the forest, as well as carry hiking shoes, rainforest, stick are proving for hiking to enable you to be fast since the forest is slippery and muddy therefore do some exercise before your travel.

Discover Nyungwe National Park

Primate Haven

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the the main activities at Nyungwe National Park. You will see chimpanzees face to face interacting with each other, playing, feeding, swinging from tree to tree and many more. Chimpanzees in Nyungwe national park make the park to be the wonder of the world because the activity is very exceptional.

Nyungwe National Park is also home to different primate species, for instance, the different monkey species like the Mona monkey, black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkey, vervet monkey, Rwenzori Colobus, L’ Hoest’s monkeys, silver monkey, golden monkey, the owl-faced monkey, Dent’s monkey, the olive baboon, grey-cheeked Mangabey, bush baby and also the dominant primate species the chimpanzees, that you can visit at any time of the year.


The Birding experience is another of the Reasons why Nyungwe Forest is Famous. Nyungwe national park is home to a variety of bird species. It has different 300 species of birds. The park holds a status of bird watchers in East Africa. It has an exciting view, giving the birders an excitement to see a number of bird species. The roads of 1.5km in the east of Imabaraga, Uwinka, Umuyive, and Kamiranzovu are the Nyungwe Forest Trails that are recommended for bird lovers."

One of the oldest rainforests in Africa, Nyungwe is rich in biodiversity and spectacularly beautiful. The mountainous region is teaming with wildlife, including a small population of chimpanzees as well as 12 other species of primate, including the L’Hoest’s monkey endemic to the Albertine Rift.

Bio Diversity

With 15 trails, some of which are detailed here, along with various other activities, visitors can choose to sample the delights of the forest or indulge themselves for a week or more in one of Africa’s most stunning forests. Primate tracking tops most visitor’s list, but it’s worth lingering a little longer for those with time to relax and take in the primal atmosphere.

Botanists will marvel at the 1,068 plant species and 140 orchids. The birdwatching is among the best in Africa with 322 birds species including Red-collared Babbler and 29 other Albertine Rift Endemic species. Butterflies are also a common sight, with at least 120 species.

nyungwe national park Monkey Tracking at the Nyungwe Forest National Park