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Areas of interest: Nairobi National Museum, The Snake Park, City Market, Nairobi City Tour, Kenyatta Conference Centre, Parliament Buildings

Activity: Sight Seeing, Wildlife particularly reptiles, Cultural and Natural History, Traditional and Contemporary Art Galleries, Tribal Portraits, Rock Art, Hominid Fossils, Souvenir Shopping, Photography, Kenyan City Lifestyles


This sightseeing tour of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, includes a visit to the NationalMuseum, the SnakeParkand the City Market. You will have a taste of history, wildlife, cultural practices and amazing scenery all in one day! Your driver will take you through Nairobi’s busy streets to see the towering Kenyatta Conference Centre and the Parliament buildings.

Nairobiis an entirely recent creation and almost everything here was constructed in the last 100 years. Until the 1900s this was just a secluded swamp but as the East Africa Railway fell into place a railway yard was established here, quickly becoming the managerial nerve centre of the East Africa Railway.

TodayNairobiis a hectic city with large communities of expats, Indians and refugees from neighbouring African nations. It’s the principal city betweenCairoandJohannesburgand home to the headquarters of the United Nations.

The National Museum is well worth the visit, it has an interesting range of cultural and natural history exhibits. Among the major attractions are the fantastic Peoples of Kenya tribal Portraits, huge galleries of stuffed wildlife and displays on Kenyan tribal groups, recreations of rock art from Tanzania, an exhibition of hominid fossils from Lake Turkana, and fossil, mineral and shell displays. There are also exhibits on topics such as Swahili and Indian culture inKenya as well as local artists’ exhibits in the Gallery of Contemporary East African Art here.

In the same grounds as the NationalMuseum, there is a Snake Park where you will find a variety of live Reptiles including turtles, tortoises, snakes, crocodiles and alligators.

The souvenir business in Nairobicentres on the City Market where you can search for Kenyan mementoes and gifts to take home. There are soapstone carvings, beautiful ethnic jewellery, wooden carvings, colourful cloth, and so much more creative designs. Leave behind you valuables, take your humour, patience and bargaining skills and have some fun. On certain days, open air Masai Markets are set up in certain places of the city which are essential to visit.

The Kenyatta Conference Centre is worth a visit; this grand architectural statement of Kenyan Independence offers some wonderful views over Nairobi.

Price per person sharing adults when 4 and above in the vehicle is US$ 87.00

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