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The above school was started in the year 2008 as a Nursery school with only one pupil. It is managed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa and so headed by a sister. The school is situated in Kilifi County at a place called Mwambayanyundo in Giriama and it is a mixed school.

In the year 2009 the primary section was started with a construction of three classrooms, a staffroom and an office. This was realized through some donor friends of my congregation as it is a non-profitable school.

Income for the school;

The school has only one source of income and that is through the school fees that the pupils pay on term basis which goes straight to financing teachers’ salaries, supporting members of staff, buys food for the children as they take lunch in the school and purchase stationery.

Vision of setting the school in this village;

 The vision of starting this school in this part was to raise the community’s standards of living by providing Quality Education, Instilling Discipline and Teaching Good Morals to the children. This is because the parents feel that the quality of education offered in the public schools is not the best due to the ratio of the number of the pupils to the teacher for, example 96 pupils in one class and only one teacher. Also we have noticed that some of those who join our school from the public school cannot express themselves as required due to poor education standard told in public schools.

To date the school has a total population of 107 pupils from the nursery to the primary section.

What makes this primary school?

KG classes are;

1, 2 and 3

Primary classes are;

Standard 1 to 4

Teachers are; 8 in total;

The main problems the school is facing;

  1. 1.   Lack of water;

This is a major problem because when there is no rain we have to use the little money that parents hardly pay in order to buy water for drinking and cooking for the children. If we can get donors to assist us in drilling a well we will be very grateful as it is very hard to mount the money to be enough from the school feels because the community is very poor.

  1. 2.   Dining Hall;

We do not have a dining hall and kitchen where food could be prepared in and a decent place where they could dine in except under palm trees where the children resort after being served with food. See the picture of the kitchen.

  1. 3.   School van;

The school requires very urgently a school van to transport the children since the one which is available is very old and soon would not be road worth and is for this reason we list this as one of the urgent needs at this moment. There are very young pupils who have to use this transport to be in time in school as they are very young being the only primary private school in this village and very far. See the picture of the school van.

  1. 4.   No playing ground;

Being a primary school there is no play ground even though we have enough land as it requires to be leveled to fit used by pupils. Our school size in acres is about 5 and slightly on a slope. 

  1. 5.   Fence the school;

For security purposes we ought to fence the school compound particularly to protect any properties the school has and for the teachers who reside there.

  1. 6.   Donations in terms of money for pupils from needy families

Due to poverty in this area there are so many parents and guardians who cannot afford to pay the very low set level of school feels being as low as KES 4,230.00 which is Euro 36.00 per term which is 3 months. We therefore urge anyone who could feel touched to come forward and we shall identify the bright children to support, this is done with the help of the sister in charge of the school.

  1. 7.   Computer classes introduction;

For our school to match other public and private schools we plan to start computer classes once the funds are there or whenever anybody would feel could help so as to produce pupils who could match others elsewhere.

The school Mission;

To Provide Quality Education and support our pupils as they develop into lifelong learners.

The school Vision;

We aim to develop indepent lifelong learners in our society.

Designated teacher in charge contacts;

Sister Magdalene N. Sytle

Sister in charge of Saint Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Giriama in Kilifi County is mobile number 0727307694

Email address;

P. o. box 90 804105

Kaloleni Giriama, Kilifi County


Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts on how we could achieve the above needs and for any donation either in substance or in terms of money. Any other details would be given when requested.

To regard,

Sister Magdalene N. Sytle 


 DSC_7948Part of class rooms of the school

DSC_7949 Some teachers and pupils outside the school compound in the evening just before dispersing for home

 DSC_7950A class room interior empty

DSC_7956 Lesson in process

 DSC_7959Pupils pray to disperse for home in the evening

 DSC_7960Pupils pray to disperse for home in the evening

 DSC_7962Pupils being attentive for a picture

DSC_7963Head teacher taking us around

 DSC_7924Front view of the school from east, this is the size of the play ground that requires expansion

DSC_7965Part of the class rooms of the school

 DSC_7919The current kitchen standard for the school where all the meals are prepared and served

 DSC_7966Pupils of wait eagerly to aboard in to their daily school van to be take home in the evening

 DSC_7968Pupils aboard orderly in the school van to go home

DSC_7975 The members of the staff led by Sister Magdalene Style on the right with black top sweater

 DSC_7977The head teacher in her small office

 DSC_7980I signed the visitor’s book after the tour of the school

 DSC_7983The head teacher led us to their sitting room for a formal final session before leaving. This where also other sisters of nearby secondary school stay

 DSC_7984We were offered a drink our long driver of 76 KM from Diani Beach to Kaloleni in Giriama school

 DSC_7986I took note to compile this

 DSC_7989Their dinning by the sitting room and a small television, they live simple life