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We have the following accommodation options lined up for you, all including linen and a mosquito net.


Master bedroom 8 beds

Very nice dorm that could be closed if people had not repeatedly walk through the glass doors (Ben and PJ you guys are heroes). Close to the bar and it is ensuite. It fits you best if you want to be close to the action and are likely to quickly need water in the morning.

Price;  1560ksh  PER PERSON

Jacuzzi dorm 6 beds

Yes there is a Jacuzzi in that dorm, nobody can be sure that it is working but we heard there even was a disco light mode for the fancy ones! Quieter but closer to the kitchen for the ones looking at just scrolling of the room to order and going back sleeping until the food magically appears.

Price; 1560ksh  PER PERSON

International dorm 16 beds

Originally planned to be a dorm full of flags, we eventually gave up because we realized flags are damn expensive in here. Feel free to leave yours behind if you want to show off your country to all next backpackers generations! The most beds but somehow the most spacious, with a direct access to the pool (4 meters) for early healthy people or hangovers to be washed away.

Price; 1380ksh  PER PERSON

Baobar 12 beds

Sleeping with the mad party vibes of our first year’s management. The old bar has officially become a dorm and still remains with a massive Baobab tree in its center. For nature fans and O2 lovers, you will truly appreciate the set up of this dorm and its happy feeling that’s been carved into the wood.

Price; 1560ksh  PER PERSON


Inside privates

Definitely fancy rooms furnished with all the usual blablabla, a king size bed and an ensuite bathroom inside the main villa. Look through the window and have a global vision of what is happening in the main pool and bar area to assess the dilemma whether you should go enjoy the people or remain in your comfy cocoon!

Prices; 3600ksh SINGLE,  4000ksh DOUBLE

High Season: 8400ksh

Outside privates

A basic room with a queen size bed, a fan, a comfy chair and an Ikea lamp for the luckiest. You will share the bathrooms of the house and for laundry lovers, you will be very close to the washing machine! (doesn’t run at night!)

Price; 2400ksh SINGLE, 3120ksh DOUBLE

High Season: 6600ksh


Yes, you can also camp in our garden. Bring your own tent!

Price; 720ksh  PER PERSON


The hostel doesn’t only offer the most praiseworthy accommodation in Diani Beach, we also have:

Swimming pool with tub

Free WiFi

Excellent food at fair prices

Fully stocked bar

Cool activities and tours at good prices

Book exchange

Games / Cards

Friendly, helpfull staff

Washing machine (360ksh per load)

Airport pick-up service (4200ksh from Mombasa airport, 600ksh from Ukunda airstrip)

Monkey spotting

Slip ‘n Slide

Diani Beach 400m

Diani lifestyle and nightlife

Diani is basically a straight lane along the beach with a bunch of touristy activities often mixing with the local Kenyans to take you around for snorkeling and fishing trips on their fishing boats or even around the sacred forest on the southern part.

Camel rides, motorbike rentals to cruise around, Scuba diving with Diani Marine, Marine park safaris in Wasini island, Kite surfing down the road at Kenyaways, Safaris from our gate or even Skydiving over the mesmerizing beach of Diani are as many activities that you can do, according to everybody’s budget.

The proximity with Shimba hills national park allows us to take you hidden places we know of with the most dazzling sightseeings you can hope for when heading to Africa. Mombasa being just a matatu ride away, you can also experience the busy and noisy city, walk markets and check out some cultural monuments of the island.

The nightlife is another story! Let’s not say that the usual options are infinite, but 40 thieves beach bar/club/happy place will always welcome whoever is keen to head to the sunrise. Many places can host the pre gaming starting with our bar, but we can always provide alternatives in some lounge bars along the beach to build the tension up the right way! Madafoo or Swahili beach resort to quote only a couple.

To put it in a nut shell, try a night out with us and we can promise that missing your flight the following day won’t be a downer!

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