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Guest Testimonials


November 6th 2015

Dear Joseph,

Ich habe Joseph lkavi als einen zuverlässigen und pünklichen Unternehmer und Taxifahrer kennengelernt. Er ist immer ordentlich erschienen und war stets hilfsbereit und nie aufdringlich. Mein Englisch ist leider nicht sehr gut. Das ist aber kein Problem,denn Joseph spricht auch etwas Deutsch sodass wir uns immer gut unterhalten konnten und viele lustige Momente hatten.

Wir haben bei ihm auch eine 3-tägige Safari in den Masai Mara Nationalpark gebucht. Wieder pünktlich holte er uns im Hotel ab und brachte uns zum Flughafen. Es klappte alles reibungslos. Der Flug im 12- Plätzer war sehenswert. Am Flughafen stand bereits unser gewünschter Fahrer Mandila. Er brachte uns ins Governors-Camp. Das Camp ist sehr gepflegt und sauber. Das Essen war hervorragend und das Personal auffallend freundlich. Das Schlafen in den Zelten (mit Badezimmer) war Abenteuerlich trotzdem fühlten wir uns immer sicher.
Die Safari war einzigartig! Wir sahen alle Tiere aus nächster Nähe. Es war unbeschreiblich. Ein Erlebnis das man nie vergisst.
Die Dauer der Safari war genau richtig,wie es Joseph uns empfohlen hatte. Es entsprach alles genau unseren Wünschen.
Ich empfehle Joseph Ikavi gerne weiter und wünsche ihm und seiner Familie nur das Beste.

Ich hoffe das dir das weiterhilft lieber Joseph. Ich wünsche dir gute Geschäfte und gute Gesundheit.

Liebe Grüsse Susanna Geiges


November 6th 2015

Dear Joseph,

I met Joseph lkavi as a reliable and pünklichen entrepreneurs and taxi drivers. He has appeared always tidy and was always helpful and never intrusive. Unfortunately, my English is not very good. But that’s no problem, because Joseph also speaks some German so we could always entertained us and had a lot of funny moments.

We also have a 3-day safari booked with him in the Masai Mara National Park. Again time he picked us up at the hotel and took us to the airport. Everything went smoothly. The flight in the 12-seater was worth seeing. At the airport already was our desired driver Mandila. He took us to the Governors Camp. The camp is very well maintained and clean. The food was excellent and the staff remarkably friendly. Sleeping in tents (with bathroom) was Abenteuerlich nevertheless we always felt safe.

The Safari was unique! We saw all the animals up close. It was indescribable. An experience you will never forget. The duration of the Safari was just right, as Joseph had recommended us. It corresponded exactly all our wishes. I recommend Joseph Ikavi be happy and wish him and his family all the best. I hope that this helps you dear Joseph. I wish you good business and good health.

Best regards Susanna Geiges


September 2015

Janet Zakaria, (

Top Africa Safaris – Amazing Trip!
I went through so many reviews before and while travelling to Kenya. We were a group of three women and were worried because we had read tons of testimonies about scams or bad experiences and travel woes in Kenya.

We ended up doing the booking very last minute (literally). Between all the agents we contacted we chose Top Africa Safaris because they were the most responsive, the most flexible in the travel options, and the most patient of all, not to mention the most reasonably priced compared to the range of services we received. What was important for me as a first time traveler to the Safari was how Joseph Ikavi managed to wash away all our worries and fears.

We spent 3 nights in Masai Mara, 2 in Lake Naivasha, and 1 in Lake Nakuru. The best time of my life. I would highly recommend Top Africa Safaris and will certainly do business with them again.

As for all the travel warnings I read, and while I advise caution in all travel, I must say that the Kenyan people are some of the nicest and warmest I ever so. Just go there and remember me when you see the big five, the beautiful Acacia dotted plains, the wonderful Masai worriers, or even while you enjoy a full body massage in one of the accommodations provided for the journey!

Did I mention the food! Yummmmi


September 8th 2015

I just wanted to follow up and thank-you for arranging Villa Fleur De Lys in Zanzibar for my family. We had a wonderful trip and you seem to be able to negotiate better rates than we would have been able to get.

I was very nervous to wire money to your bank account initially, but after researching, I found that you are a trustworthy and legitimate operator, and I also looked you up on the KATO website. However, paying by credit card would make booking with you so much easier and would safeguard the transaction from our point of view. That said, I found you to provide excellent service, responding to emails promptly.

Thank you again, we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and wish you well in growing your business. Long may you continue to obtain best value for money for your clients!

Thank you

Din Bhumgara

St Albans, UK


January 14th 2015

Habari Mr. Joseph,

Happy New Year!! This is Peter Chege and Family from Minnesota, U.S.A, just writing to you and thanking you for the wonderful time that YOU accorded to us while We were in Mombasa.

My wife Jody and Daughter Alexis keeping talking and recalling just what a Wonderful time We all had!! Mine is just to say Asante Sana and We will keep in touch!! God Bless You and say hi to akina Furaha and the gang!! If there’s anything that I could ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Thanks again!!

Email; Peter Chege <


December 1st 2014

Hi Joseph,

Thank you the most for believing in us to the last minute! It was a beautiful holiday and we will all treasure the memories!

Be blessed!

Charity Njuguna,


November 22nd 2014

Hi Joseph,

We would like to thank you for our great holiday in Kenya. It was a very well organized holiday and we could enjoy two wonderful weeks in Africa.

Thanks for all!!!

Miryan + Ursina


November 6th 2014

Dear Joseph,

I’m really happy to hear from you. The safari was great and David the perfect guide. I sent you other two friends of mine after I left Kenya, Kari and Andrew, they also liked it. I wish you all the best, and as promised I’ll send pictures of the animals to David. I just need to find the time 🙂


Greeting from Martin!

All the best, thank you,



On 02/11/2014 1:10 AM

Hey Joseph,

Like promised yesterday here some points that we really liked and some points that we not liked so much so you have feedback on what you offer:

We really liked the accommodation. Both were very beautiful and not mass tourism and they were located in the parks which we think is very important.

The driver was very good. He had a lot of knowledge and he made sure that we were not always surrounded by other mini vans, only with important sightings he responded and of course we had to share the view but we saw many animals without anyone around. The land cruiser was very nice and the food at Ndololo Camp and Rhino Valley was okay.

We were very happy with the safari. It was the first time for my parents and they even saw 2 leopards! When we have guests here at our place we would like to do a safari we will call you so you can sit down with them and show them the options.

Thank you for the good safari and the service!

Nicoline Bavinck



Dear Bwana Joseph,

Asante sana, for a beautiful safari to Tsavo East National Park. Mimi nlilifurahi sana. Bwana David asante sana for excellent dereva and mtu mzuri, mungu akubariki sana.

Brigitte Thron

Dachau Germany


12th October 2014

Mr. Joseph Ikavi

Managing Director

Top Africa Safaris

Colliers Centre, Diani Beach Road

PO Bo 1585 – 80400 Ukunda, Kenya

Dear Joseph

Now we are back in the UK, I am writing to thank you for making all the arrangements for our 4 days, three nights visit to Masai Mara Game Reserve staying at Governor’s Camp.

The whole process of getting a quotation from you, sending money by wire from the UK, and getting away on the safari was very smooth and easy.

You arranged our drop off at and pick up from Ukunda airport near Diani Beach for our direct flight to Masai Mara. The accommodation and service at Governor’s were top rate. Of course the game drives were fantastic, because Governor’s has the best drivers and vehicles.

We can also recommend the Balloon Safari as an essential experience.

You met us on our return to reassure yourself that all had gone to plan. You proved yourself to be helpful, reliable and trustworthy.

I am happy for you to use this as a testimonial letter on your Website

Yours sincerely

Dr Gordon Caldwell

Consultant Physician


United Kingdom


08th October 2014 Dear Joseph,

Thank you for arranging for us trips to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, TAS 4 on 20th March 2014 and Masai Mara National Reserve, TAS 34 on 23rd March 2014. Both were nice and very interesting.

We send you some pictures from these places, we pray that we come again and we shall recommend all our friends to you.

Best regards,



27th September, 2014

Jambo, dear Joseph, danke!

Was für eine wunderbare Safari in die Massai Mara! Und dieses wunderschöne Camp, ENTIM! Ein neues camp, nur 10 Zelte; das Zelt innen so liebevoll im Detail eingerichtet, der sanitäre Bereich alles funktionell, blitzsauber.- Wenn ihr weg von den Massen, back to the roots, euch vorstellt, dann nur ENTIM! Sundowner, bites, Lagerfeuer am Marafluss, nur das Grunzen der Hippos – einfach fantastisch! Unser “Massai” begleitete uns zum Essen (übrigens ebenfalls hervorragend), bewachte unser Zelt in der Nacht und wir fühlten uns total sicher – und schliefen hervorragend bis 6:30 zu unserem 1. gamedrive. Alles ist super organisiert, keine Hetze, genug Zeit zum Beobachten und Fotografieren, natürlich wurden uns die Big 5 “serviert”.

Neben vielem beobachteten wir lange eine Löwenmama mit 3 babies, wirklich zum Knuddeln und ebenfalls lange begleiteten wir 3 Leoparden. Ganz großes Erlebnis! Peter, ein ausgezeichneter Fahrer, der nur mal ganz schnell und kurz off road fuhr, um uns auch noch das schwarze Nashorn zu zeigen, aufregend. Alles einfach nur schön und ein Supercamp zum Wohlfühlen, vermittelt echtes feeling:

Out of Africa.- Lieber Joseph, vielen Dank, das war großartig, wie du alles für uns arrangiert hast! Kwaheri.

Inga and Melanie


26th Sept 2014

Hi Joseph

We have written a review of the Diani Reef Resort Hotel & Spa and recommended TOP AFRICA SAFARIS (as you will see) on This is where we first found TAS. Look for reviewer Alison-Ian 2014. The post was made today (26/09/2014.)We will also write a review of the Mara Serena lodge sometime next week, and we will feature your name in that too.

We wish you continued success with TAS and we hope to return to Ukunda and take a trip with TAS again one day.Many thanks to you and your staff for all of your help and assistance organising what turned out to be a wonderful and memorable experience for us both. Rest assured, we have no hesitations recommending you to our friends and colleagues.

With Kind Regards Ian & Alison Craggs.


By Rolf Frick at 24th Sept 2014


Habari yako Joseph ? My wife and I would like to thank you again cordially for the wonderful 3 daily safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve. We stayed in camp Governors’ IlMoran which was perfectly organized.We had daily very perfect, fabulous, exciting and unique game drivers, our driver was very good. Although in the past we had done lots of safaris the one with Top Africa Safaris was really unique.

Please we request you to keep on recommending Governors’ IlMoran Camp to all of your customers, it is very beautiful and restful there and with a marvelous silence… one hears only the many animal voices… and that is very much calming. During our next journey to Kenya we would visit you again so that you can do a safari suggestion to us.

Cordial thanks to! MERY CHRISTMAS for you and family Rolf und Heike Frick


By Rolf Frick at 24th Sept 2014


Habari yako Joseph ?

Meine Frau und ich möchten uns nochmals herzlich bedanken für die wunderschöne 3 tägige Safari in die Masai Mara zum Camp ILL Moran. Das war perfekt organiziert und … und zu einem guten Preis .Herzlichen Dank! Wir haben täglich … aber wirklich täglich tolle Erlebnisse gehabt, jeden Tag hatten wir etwas aufregendes und einmaliges bei den Pfirschfahrten erlebt…. obwohl wir schon sehr viel safaris gemacht haben … aber das war einfach einmalig.

Das Camp ILL MORAN kannst du jedem deiner Kunden weiter empfehlen, es ist sehr schön und erholsam dort und mit einer traumhaften Stille … man hört nur die vielen Tierstimmen … und das ist sehr beruhigend. Bei unserer nächsten Reise nach Kenya werden wir dich wieder besuchen damit du uns einen Safari Vorschlag machen kannst.

HERZLICHEN DANK! Rolf und Heike Frick


By Larry Stuart Jr. 7th September 2014

For anyone even remotely considering a safari in Africa, know that Top Africa Safaris and Joseph Ikavi provided me with the trip of a lifetime! Joseph knows good service and took care of every little detail from making sure I was comfortable in the cars and planes (I am 6’10 tall!) to actually driving me around Mombasa himself when I arrived for the beach portion of my trip! Governor’s Camp is MAGICAL and his suggestion that I change my original lodge and stay there was spot on. The staff at Governor’s Camp were second to none, and the game drives were overwhelming. My expectations were not only met, they were exceeded beyond imagination.

Thank you Joseph! Larry Stuart


By Jane and David at Friday 28 November 2013

We had a wonderful holiday in Novemeber 2008 organized by Top Africa Safaris. Service was excellent. We were impressed that Joseph, who is the MD, came to pick us at the airport and was also there to see us off on the last day.We toured Wasini/Kisite – the dolphin place, Tsavo East, Haller Park, Mombasa City, Shimba hills reserve and Tamarind dhow.

Satisfied with the excellent customer service. Jane & David


By Linda Sanders  24th August 2014

Thank you to Joseph for arranging our fabulous safari, the service that Joseph offers is first class. we stay in little govenors camp which was fantastic we saw all big 5 and lots more, especially good was the mass migration of the wildebeast. We were also very lucky to be right next the main govenors camp where the BBC were based whilst they filmed the Big Cat Diaries, this enable us to shadow the team and see the lions and cheetahs etc featured in the programme. We also went on the hot air balloon safari from little govenorns camp over the maasai mara which was amazing something which I will never forget seeing the sun rise over the maasai mari, and then having a champayne breakfast, it was unreal.

Booking the trip with Joseph whilst in Kenya saved us ?500 and we know the money is going to local people instead of the big tour operators. Joseph can book days trips for you which agaqin is much cheaper than using your tour reps. I would definitely come back to Kenya and book my trips through Joseph.


By Peter de Wit  11th August 2014

Dear Joseph,

Happy new year! We would like to thank you for organizing our safari and cottage accommodation. It was very successful and we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. We hope to keep in touch and we will send you business when we hear something from this end. Keep it up.

Thanks, Helen and Peter


By Morris family  on 25th July 2014

Dear Joseph, I can 100% recommend Joseph of “Top Africa Safaris”. We booked a safari to the Mara Serena Lodge this October and had a truly wonderful time. We were collected personally by Joseph and taken to the Ukunda Airstrip where we boarded a plane for Masai Mara. When we arrived at the Serena Lodge we were overjoyed to find that we had been booked into the “Presidential Suite” which was terrific. The staff, food, facilities and game drives were fantastic, a life changing experience.

During the 2 night/3 day stay we went on 5 game drives and saw elephant, lions and cubs, cheetah and cubs, giraffe, zebra, various gazelles’ antelopes, wild boar, mongoose, vultures, rhino, wildebeest, crocodiles and monkeys. We even had a champagne breakfast at the hippo pool on our second day! The only thing we didn’t manage to see was the elusive leopard. I can’t express how fantastic the whole experience was and how Joseph was a big part in making it that for us, we would definitely not hesitate to book another trip through him and hope that everyone else that does enjoys it as much as we did.

We left Kenya in awe of what a beautiful country it is and how friendly all the natives were, nothing was too much trouble for any of them.

Kind regards MR. & MRS. Morris!


By Jacquie Lawrence on 3rd July, 2014

Dear Joseph,

My husband and I went to Kenya for our honeymoon back in August. It was the most memorable, adventurous and romantic holiday I have ever had. We stayed in the Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa, which I would highly recommend to anyone. It was complete luxury and every detail was well thought about. The Kenyans are the friendliest and entertaining people I have ever met.

I found Top Africa Safaris on the internet before I arrived in Kenya and booked it in advance…I found Joseph very accommodating & patient with payments and communication was excellent. The actual safari was fantastic. We had a very professional driver called Ringy and a whole mini bus to ourselves, this made the whole experience very magical and personal…We only saw 3 out of the big 5, but Ringy made every effort to beat the other drivers and make sure we saw all the best animals we could…The accommodation was all wonderful whilst on safari…we stayed at Kilaguni Serena, Amboseli Serena & Voi Safari Lodge (the latter one I found I liked the least). Kilaguni was my favourite and has a magnificent water hole, in which we watched elephants playing whilst eating our dinner!

I would recommend Top Africa Safaris as an independent company trying to do well against the big tour operators…They certainly made sure we were safe at all times and I felt their priority was to make us happy and comfortable…If I was to return to Kenya, I would certainly look them up again

Jacquie Lawrence


By Joanna and Lukasz on June 15th 2014

Testimony in English; We spent 8 fantastic days in Kenya. The 4 day long safari, TAS 10: 4 DAYS BEST OF SOUTH EASTERN CIRCUIT. (Departs Monday & Saturday) hotel and all transfers were arranged by Top Africa Safaris. Thanks to the competence and dedication of Joseph and his team we have had a wonderful vacation that will become a lifetime memory. We can’t wait to come back to Kenya, of course with Top Africa Safaris. Joanna and Lukasz

Testimony in Polish; Z przyjemnoscia polecamy Panstwu uslugi firmy Top Africa Safaris. W Kenii spedzilismy 8 dni, z czego 4 na safari, TAS 10: 4 DAYS BEST OF SOUTH EASTERN CIRCUIT. (Departs Monday & Saturday) . Wszystkie wycieczki, hotel oraz przejazdy zostaly zorganizowane przez Top Africa Safaris. Dzieki profesjonalnemu podejsciu Josepha Ikavi oraz jego zespolu, nasze wakacje byly bardzo udane a w Kenii spotkalismy sie wylacznie z zyczliwoscia. Zainteresowanym osobom polecamy rowniez strone internetowa Magdy i Marka Tokarskich ( dzieki ktorej dowiedzielismy sie o firmie Top Africa Safaris. Joanna i Lukasz

Joanna and Lukasz


June 2nd 2014

By Coad’s family in UK

Dear Joseph,

We went to Kenya in August this year with our 2 daughters age 15 and 17yrs . We stayed for a week at the Indian Ocean Beach Club and went on Safari for a week visiting Tsavo, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara. Africa is such a country of contrasts, a real culture shock for our first visit! The Kenyan people were very friendly and polite but I guess it could be intimidating for the first time which is why it was so good to have a guide and driver to look after you.

The Indian Ocean Beach Resort is excellent and of very high quality. A small number of cottages in grounds right next to the sea. All the hotel staff were very attentive and kind towards us, nothing was too much trouble. The staff arranged activities in the afternoon which you could join and watersports available if you needed. Im not sure however what sort of things were available for younger children. We went on good trips to Mombasa and also to Wasini for the diving.

Joseph arranged the safari for us and he did a great job. We had both a driver, Mike and guide Hassan with just the 4 of us in the minibus and was a very personal trip. They were great at spotting animals and birds that we would have missed and took no end of trouble to make sure we saw all the animals- several times over! It was just fabulous. Quite a lot of driving involved, but thats part of the fun and made it all a real adventure. The best park was the Masai Mara where we could get really close to the animals.

Dont be too worried about diseases, you really just need to be well prepared with routine immunisations. Everyone drinks bottled water. Make sure Diptheria, Polio and Tetanus are up to date and have Typhoid, Hepatitis and Yellow Fever. Everywhere you sleep will have Mosquito nets at night and in the evening you will need to put on repellant. You must take antimalarials also but thats not a big inconvienience.

I’m sure you will have a great time which you will never forget! We would definitely go again and cant wait to go back. We would definitely use Joseph again. He really did a Top Africa Safari for us. Also please feel free to put our name on your testimony list. We will say excellent things about you. I also gave your name to the company that we came out with just this week because he was looking for companies for a customer and remembered we had said how good your was – Citrus Travel (Guy named Steve) so if he contacts you it is via us! Hope that’s ok.

Hoping you and the guys are well! Best wishes and we hope we can see you again in Kenya!

Jane, Nigel and girls!


23rd May 2014

By Peter Mcgowen family

Dear Joseph,

I just wanted to E mail you to let you know what a fantastic time we had on Safari everything you booked for us was just perfect and could not have been any better. The Mara Serena lodge was brilliant and the Safari guides we had Samuel and Maureen were great and made every effort for us to have a good time the amount of animals we saw was unbelievable. Sorry we did not book any more trips but after the Safari we just relaxed at the beach.

I would gladly recommend your company to others as everything went perfect

Many thanks,



17th May 2014

By Lethoness and James

To Joseph,

Thank you very much for helping us with the money, we accidentally left the cash in our safe and recalled that we had to carry some money for personal use after arriving at the Masai Mara Game Reserve despite your advice on what we were supposed to carry for the extreme success of the safari.

We enjoyed the 3 days Masai Mara Game Reserve safari by air and the spectacular hot air balloon flight in the 7th world of the world (Masai Mara Game Reserve). We stayed in the David Livingstone Safari Resort, was very good. Reserve)

We would recommend your company to our friends.


6th May 2014

By Kilonzo’s family in Reno Nevada U.S.A

Hey Joseph,

We want to thank you for the wonderful safari we did through you. Our visit to Tsavo East and West National Parks 3 days and two nights was wonderful and we really had a good time. Our kids loved the game drive we did not know Kenya had so many beautiful animals the elephants, Zebras, our youngest son so his favorite animal the monkey with babies and the oldest had his mouth wide open after seeing a life cheetah, the scenery was breath taking we stayed late to watch sunset and was up early for sunrise, the hotel was wonderful with good food, but to top it all Adam was the best tour guider to have. He knew where the animals were and he made us feel at home and appreciated.

After the game drive we were taken to Mombasa to an hotel and the hotel was good with good food, swimming pool, walk to the ocean for Sunrise and got to see allot around Mombasa. We send money from U.S.A to Joseph using money gram which is the cheapest way to send money to Kenya and Joseph was able to book everything for us. The driver picked us from the hotel on time and we got the best treat ever. Would we do it again? Absolutely YES and through Top African Safaris. From the Kilonzo’s family we say thank you so very much for all you did;.


April 29th 2014

By Mr. & Mrs. K. Randerson

We went to the Masai Mara on a 3 Day Mara Safari Club organised by Top Africa Safaris, and it far exceeded our expectation. The Safari club was excellent; the accommodation superb and the location fantastic, on the banks of the Mara river overlooking pods of Hippos. Our Safaris themselves (thanks to our very knowledgeable and sharp eyed guide) were wonderful experiences. We saw lions & cheetahs up so close you could almost touch them. Walking up to the Rhino was quite an experience as was the Elephant! All of this was backed up by a supporting cast of thousands including: giraffes, crocodiles, buffalo, zebra, warthog, hyena, jackals, eagles, hippos and many more.

Thanks very much Joseph & Top Africa Safaris for making our stay in Kenya so memorable as I am back in a very cold England! For all prospective customers, I would not hesitate in recommending Joseph and Top Africa Safaris. We hope to be back in Kenya, and see you again

Kevin & Belinda


4th April 2014

By Debbie M. Reynolds

Thanks to Top Africa Safaris I got to see the Masai Mara in all its splendour and was lucky enough to see four out of the Big Five. In fact while staying at the Mara Safari Club for night it is a GUARANTEE to get close to the a white rhinoceros like I got so close to the young one that took my breath away!

I have never seen such beautiful landscape and awe-inspiring nature. Once you have been on safari, like those organised by Top Africa Safaris, your outlook on life changes. You not only respect nature but you also admire what it has achieved. I have never met people as friendly as Kenyans. I made friends instantly and I found it so refreshing that every passer-by would say ‘Jambo’ (Hello) to you and smile. I miss that so much. No one in Kenya is too busy to say Jambo. Such a friendly attitude can make such a difference to your holiday.

If you were considering visiting Kenya I would recommend that you plan a safari and time to relax. Safaris can be tiring as you have early morning game drives (and I mean EARLY!) so once the safari is over, you will want to sleep! Top Africa Safaris can help you, as the company helped me, in choosing the best safari to suit your needs/desires. Joseph Ikavi made sure that everything went smoothly for me. Such a personal service is rare these days

Debbie Reynolds


March 21st 2014

By Reverend Leslie Hutchinson and MRS. Patricia Hutchinson

…We had wanted to visit the world famous Masai Mara Game Reserve for some time. Close to our hotel we found the office of Top Africa Safaris, run by the proprietor Mr Joseph Ikavi. I was impressed by Joseph, he is a very personable young man and was clearly well informed in all aspects of safaris.

He arranged for us to stay at the Mara Intrepids Camp for 1 night on the Masai Mara Game Reserve which is actually inside the boundaries of the reserve (note: other tours claimed to be in the reserve but are actually up to some 80 kilometres outside). This meant we would not have to travel far to see the animals. We saw elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, bucks, hippos, buffaloes, various birds of prey and the leopard, which is rare these days. We had a wonderful trip. We could have almost reached down and stroked a Lioness as she strolled by.

We would be delighted to recommend Joseph and his company Top Africa Safaris for a great safari…

Reverend Leslie Hutchinson and MRS. Patricia Hutchinson


2nd March 2014

By Mario Strecker

Hallo Joseph Ikavi,

Heute möchten wir uns nochmals für die tollen Safaris in den letzten Jahren bedanken. Wir waren nun mittlerweile so oft in Kenia und haben auch fast jedes Mal eine Safari gemacht.In den letzten Jahren haben wir unsere Safaris immer wieder gern mit Dir und Deinem Team geplant und wir waren immer von der

Planung bis zur Ausführung bei Dir in sehr guten Händen. Ich hoffe, dass wir auch in Zukunft weiterhin auf Deine gute Betreuung und Dein Wissen um die best und schönsten Plätze in Kenia hoffen können. Einen besonderen Dank von meinen Eltern geht an Dich und Deinen Fahrer, der uns jeden Wunsch von den Augen abgelesen hat.

Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf unsere nächste Safari mit Dir und Deinem Team Family Strecker (Germany)


Feb 25th 2014

By Hugues et Mathilde d’Anselme

Nous sommes partis, mon mari et moi, en Voyage de Noces au Kenya avec Top Africa Safaris. C’est un superbe voyage. Nous avons passés une semaine dans les parcs nationaux et une semaine sur la côte sud de Mombassa au bord de l’océan indien dans un magnifique hôtel.

Les paysages sont très variés. Nous sommes allés dans les grands parcs naturels : Le Masaï Mara, Tsavo, Amboseli, le lac Nakuru… Grâce à l’organisation et à l’expérience de Top Africa Safaris, nous avons pu sillonner les routes et les parcs et partir à la découverte des Big Five : Elephants, Léopard, Lion, Buffle, Girafe.. mais aussi des hippopotames, des rhinocéros, des gazelles, des gnous, des mangoustes, des flamands rose, des pélicans, des singes, des oiseaux, des autruches et bien d’autres espèces extraordinaires.

Pendant le safari, nous logions dans des lodges prestigieux : c’est très agréable de profiter de la vue, de la piscine et de l’accueil des kenyans au beau milieu des parcs naturels ! Le Kenya est vraiment une destination extraordinaire et nous avons pu pleinement en profiter grâce l’organisation qu’avait mis en place Top Africa Safaris et aux conseils avisés de notre guide, Bonny.

Nous gardons tous les deux un excellent souvenir de ce voyage et pensons bien y retourner un jour…


21st Feb 2014

By Richard Monney Regional Financial Controller

On behalf of my family and myself I would like to register our heartfelt appreciation for the 3 days Mara Safari Club safari that you organised for us. We would come back AGAIN!

Richard Monney


17th February 2014

By Claudia Kaeser

The 2 Days Masai Mara Fig Tree Camp was very good. We saw many animals & never had any problem. Thanks to Top Africa Safaris

Claudia Kaeser


13th Feb 2014

By Mario Strecker

In the last 3 years we booked our safaris with your company, and they were absolutely great! First we went with you to Shimba Hills (2001) and the second time to Tsavo West (2003) for one night and it was fantastic,because we saw everything, except the Rhinos and the Crocodiles. Good tourist van, good drivers always and many animals

Your prices are the best in whole Africa, and your team is GREAT! We wish you and your whole team always Good luck and a great Time. Family Strecker (Germany)


4th February 2014

By Gergana Draganova

Thanks to the Managing Director of Top Africa Safaris and his team for making our familiarisation tour to Kenya very successful. As member of International Association of Travel Agents (IATA) we had gone to Kenya to do a visibility study so as to come up with a reliable tour operator company to be coordinating in business. When we reach our hotel in Diani Beach we managed to find the office of Top Africa Safaris nearby and after a detailed discussion with them we concluded to accept them to organise a safari for us. We took 3 days Tsavo West and Amboseli National Parks and it was professionally arranged. No complain of any nature and our informed driver guide showed us many animals.

On arrival to our hotel we went back to Top Africa Safaris office gain now with full confident that Joseph and his team will recommend and organise a nice excursion. The following day they send us to 1day Pili pipa Dolphin Dhow Safari at the Kisite marine National Park where we spend the day snorkelling in one of the world best marine park home of dolphins and exciting variety of coral life and over 350 species of vibrantly coloured tropical fish. After a delicious dramatic lunch, a visit of natural and historical slave caves site we left to our hotel relaxed and in good time.

Since then Top Africa Safaris became our Partner in East Africa and we have done allot of business together and therefore we are very much confident and delighted to recommend Joseph and his company Top Africa Safaris for a great safari to any serious Tour Operator (s), Travel Agent (s) or anybody with interest of touring East Africa National Parks, Reserves and other faunal areas of interest Gergana Draganova


January 30th 2014

By Katie & Gene Cannarella

It was a wonderful 9 days Kenya safari with Top Africa Safaris, thanks Joseph for showing us your country. My wife and I will live to remember our two weeks stay in your beautiful land. We therefore can’t hesitate to recommend you to all our family members and other people. We promise that would be coming back Katie & Gene Cannarella


22nd Jan 2014

By Emma Richardson & Nick

We had a great time with Boniface our Safari driver guide, we were exceptionally lucky, we saw lion, hyena, giraffe, warthog, and plenty more, it was all amazing. The lodge had a fantastic view, especially when we saw the herd of water buffalo at breakfast time. We are seeing how much it would cost to get flights in November next year to come and do a much longer safari, we are also hoping to find some friends that would like to come.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the accommodation in our beach hotel in South coast, we have been telling everybody about it and showing them the photos, we are going to send you some copies. Thanks Joseph

Emma Richardson & Nick


14th Jan 2014

By Mr. & Mrs. Craig Newnews

We booked our safari with Top Africa Safari through his web site and all was very well organised despite the changes of dates due to terrorist threats all the world. We had to reschedule the holiday again since we were to use the Monarch Airways and ended up in flying by Africa Safari Club Airways to Mombasa. Joseph was very cooperative, he did what was required and he reconfirmed for us the news dates of our safari accordingly.

On arrival he came to meet us in the hotel and he assured us that all was alright despite the earlier changes. We had paid our 3 days Mara Serena and hot air balloon safari through shift transfer order. Everything at Masai Mara was arranged in advanse something that facilitated our holiday success. We saw the amazing wildebeest migration crossing Mara river near our game lodge. I wish to recommend the Mara Serena Lodge as the best well positioned game lodge for any body who would like to witness this unbelievable movement of millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles plus other resident animals of the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

The following day we enjoyed a balloon flight very early in the morning over the Masai Mara Game Reserve which marked our happiest aerial few of the wilderness, it was our greatest moment of our holiday.

As a result of this most memorable experience with Joseph and his team, we would like profoundly to recommend him and his team for anybody who wants a spectacular life time holiday.

M. & Mrs. Craig Newnews


7th January 2014

By Andrea Milberg

What a luck to meet Top Africa Safaris! Joseph answered competently and friendly all our questions. He took time to plan and realize with us our individual tour…and we enjoyed it so much! Thank you, Joseph, and your team for this wonderful time and we hope to see you soon again! Andrea Milberg and Steffi Pohlmann


29th December 2013

By Mary Markey

The driver, the guide, the van and the entire tour of Fort Jesus, Old town, City market and the Elephant tasks was very good. I felt safe all through Mary Markey


17th Dec 2013

By Jasna Dokl Osolnik We spent two beautiful days on safari. Our drive was very kind and polite and he accepted all our wishes as we wanted. Thank you for all again. Best regards,

Jasna, Eva and Tim


3rd Dec 2013

By Vincent Thys

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your e-mail. I had a wonderful time in Kenya and especially the safari I did with your company. The best memory I have was definitely Amboseli National Park, where we saw most of the animals. The Kilimanjaro is so majestic and impressive. And the Serena Lodge in Tsavo West was such a great place, and the view!! The pictures I took are just wonderful! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you and your guide as well for organizing such nice trips and be sure I’ll recommend your company to everyone interested in visiting Kenya I think it is really nice, serious and can satisfy people with great expectations. Have a really nice day.

Best Regards, Vincent Thys


November 24th 2013

By Rene and Odilia Kroon

Fantastic safari, we will come back! Rene, Odilia Kroon and Children


3rd Nov 2013

By Cornelia Mederer

Great service! Fantastic safari! We will COME BACK!! Cornelia and Katharina


6th Sept 2013

By Rainer und Margarethe Eisele

It was a beautiful trip to Tsavo Ost. Super.


On 12/6/2011 1:10 AM

Hey Joseph,

Like promised yesterday here some points that we really liked and some points that we not liked so much so you have feedback on what you offer: We really liked the accommodation. Both were very beautiful and not mass tourism and they were located in the parks which we think is very important.

The driver was very good. He had a lot of knowledge and he made sure that we were not always surrounded by other mini vans, only with important sightings he responded and of course we had to share the view but we saw many animals without anyone around. The land cruiser was very nice and the food at Ndololo Camp and Rhino Valley was okay.

We were very happy with the safari. It was the first time for my parents and they even saw 2 leopards! When we have guests here at our place we would like to do a safari we will call you so you can sit down with them and show them the options.

Thank you for the good safari and the service!

Nicoline Bavinck


Dear Bwana Joseph,

Asante sana, for a beautiful safari to Tsavo East National Park. Mimi nlilifurahi sana. Bwana David asante sana for excellent dereva and mtu mzuri, mungu akubariki sana.

Brigitte Thron

Dachau Germany


12th October 2011

Mr. Joseph Ikavi

Managing Director

Top Africa Safaris

Colliers Centre, Diani Beach Road

PO Box 1585

80400 Ukunda



Dear Joseph, Thank you for arranging for us trips to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, TAS 4 on 20th March 2011 and Masai Mara National Reserve, TAS 34 on 23rd March 2011. Both were nice and very interesting. We send you some pictures from these places, we pray that we come again and we shall recommend all our friends to you.

Best regards,



99 – 330 EOSION



Richard Wilford, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

We were delighted with Joseph Ikavi the owner (MD) of Top Africa Safari with his team for their services and have no hesitation recommending him. Please contact me if you would like more information’.
We did 3 days Meru National Park overnight at Elsa’s Kopje Private luxury house

Werner habbeluath Badhomburg

Es warensch r schdne ztafe dieldge, berrorvallent die tieve fastinierend

Peter Goulding & Claudia Goulding, London

A very exiting and enjoyable experience at masai mara- 33 days fig tree


Claudia Kaeser Freinburg Switzerland
The safari was very nice.
Susanne Jurgen, Germany Berlin
Hat alies super galelappt da gibt`s nir eins
MITMACHEN Ulrike & Bernhard Mathes
Scheibenhard Ein traum!
Mal O. Dowd
Salt lick- excellent trip, saw everything except leopard, driver/ guide very good.
Snadsa Fanny & Attal steve, Paris France
It was the best in all our life- we have seen all the animals- Good!
Bouches Philippe, France
The safari was very nice.
Baril Alaiu D’jo, France
Was nice we saw the big five.
Rohalova Maja Bratislava, Slovak Republic
It was great, beautiful. Thank you!!
David Gable Windsor, England
Saw everything in mombasa & crocodile farm- excellent.
Arnaud Dneyfuss, Paris
Superb safari
Mario Strecker Freinberg, Breisgan Germany
Very nice safari in shimba, good car, good driver & many animals.
Adrian Renold Baden in Switzerland
We had a high quality safari, good price value with TOP AFRICA AFRICA SAFARIS
Everything was good, thanks
Paula Young Hextable, Kent England
Great day out on the Mombasa tour , saw loads of sights. Excellent.
Belinda & Kevin York, England
Really excellent safari. Very well looked after
Marcy Marheg, Khartoum Sudan
I felt protected and safe at all times. Very good.
Millan, Francais
The safari was good at masai mara.
Solodovsko, Vienna
Indeed very nice.
Irene N. Noibert, Vienna
Schion der tiwelt so nahe yeweson sa sein. Face to face with animals.
Eriha Wiegrat, Germany
Very nice day and beautiful spring falls. We have seen a lot of animals.
Jirgen plochowioh + 5 persona, Germany
Thomas Fleischman & Kati, Germany
Super safari!
Yobes, Switzerland
Very good the lunch was fine, the driver excellent.Von de roster 40670 meerbasch Super safari.
Danielle Marilyn, France
Tres beau safari Service exepcionel excellent.
Sittler Johann, Paris
Mulhouge In safari inoubliable avec in bon beau et sympatique chauffeur.
Winner Martin, Wien Austria
War wundersction, haben sachen geschen die unvorstellbar waren! Wirklich wunderschion!
Platteec, Holland
Heel eig good ooh de zchoice. Benk wolfgang
Benk Christa Wangen, Germany
Big adventure!, beautiful accommodation and lots of amazing animals.
Swirbut and Piningre, France
Very nice safari.
Gresser et Leews France –
A wonderful experience.
Gsegner Benard, France
Beautiful safari de 3 jous masai mara extra! & belles excursions at wasini – super.
Swahden ,Alemagme
It was beautiful 2 days masai mara, very very nice, thank you.
Zawierta Y. Curty, France
Super safari oi tsavo east camp agrealde- tresbon chauffeur
Anna & Guido Grat, Switzerland
At Shimba hills- pretty cool place, we could see a lot of animals and even eagle which cought a fish.
Suisaty, France
Very very good.
Janin/Fligitter France
Johnah Bnuyn, Holland
Beautiful trip to masai mara, well organized, very reliable.
Joelle j***
Wonderful and can`t wait to come back!!!
Polilunann/Nilsberg, Germany
Super tour, very individual as we wished and absolutely secure!
Paul Davis, Barkshire
Brilliant tour, saw lots of animals, enjoyed it very much.
Milberg ,Germany
Wonderful tour to Ngomongo village & Malindi
Benjamin & Nikolai Strecker Freiburg Germany
Wonderful 2 days at Tsavo West, saw many animals, we enjoyed it very much.
Andrea hansch-lobl, Frankfurt Germany
The safari was great, we saw a lot of animals of all sorts.The service was very good. Unforgettable.
Sarah Redmond Dublin, Ireland
Great service, good honest business
Rene + Odilia Kroon + 2 kids, Holland
Fantastic safari we will come back!
Gregor Hafuar & Maja Ujvbuaua, Slovenia
The best safari in Africa! GUARANTEED.
Hans de Coch Mijnegen, Holland
Very nice evening at Shimba. A lovely place.
Mario Strecker, Freiburg Germany
3 days Tsavo east/west. Nice like every year.
Katharina Schmidt & Cornelia Mederer Aschaffenburg, Germany
Great service, fantastic safari, we`ll come back.
Kathi & Cornelia, Aschaffenburg Germany
The trip to Funzi island was good.
Lina Olsson, Copenhagen Denmark
The best safari great drivers, great weather, perfect lodges and the big five.
Dan& Omitha Jarrdd, Ipswich UK
Great experience not to be missed!
Vicky Schaedoulie, Antwerp Belgium
Very nice safari we saw lots of animals. Thanks.
Tom, Mombasa
The safari was perfect, lunch was okay, we really enjoyed.
Bogdan, Poland
Pilli pipa, very good organization & efficient!
Rainer Margrethe. Eisele
It was a beautiful trip to Tsavo west. Super!
Doris Wyss, Switzerland
It was a wonderful day! Thank you.
Merike Reiner, Germany
2 days safari in Tsavo East, very good, many animals.Theg gerlach
D`anselme, France
Very nice country and thanks to Boniface for the explanations.
Linda Awarsson, Sweden
Very good day with a lot of elephants.
Hugentobler Pascal, Switzerland
Very nice, best driver. Thanks for all.
Magda & Marel, Poland
Great holiday.Special thanks.
Amaury & Emma, Paris
France A holiday to remember.Thanks.
Anwell, Paris France
Very nice safari, very good organization- governor`s camp is exciting.
Franca & Eligio Sardinia -Italy
We had a wonderful tour, we had a chance to see lots of animals and beautiful places.Thank you Joseph and Sammy!!


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