For south coast departs at 06:00 hours

North coast departs at 07:00 hours

Malindi town departs at 08:30 hours

Begin your exploration of the northern section of Kenya’s Mombasa Island from your hotel. Visit the ruins of the 13th century Swahili village of Gede, lying south of Malindi. Nestled in thick forest, this village remained hidden away from historic and texts as well – nothing is recorded about it. Explore its vast compound and you’ll come across palaces, houses and mosques built with coral, sand and plaster, with a blend of Swahili and Arabic architecture.

Visit the National Museum and examine displays of the excavated Chinese Ming porcelain, glass and Persian earthenware. Continue towards the Swahili town of Malindi, the first thing to strike you will be the stone cross placed by Vasco da Gama in 1499 (commonly referred to as Vasco da Gama’s Pillar) and the quaint Portuguese church next to it, head towards the snake farm, showcasing a number of venomous snakes then drive to a hotel for lunch and a little rest.

Visit the Malindi falconry that has a variety of caged birds of prey. This tour of the Malindi in Kenya will give you a sense of its culture, history and scenic beaches. Your arrival time would be from 16:00 hours to 18:00 hours due to distance variation from depart time reverse.

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